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Portable electrostatic flocking machine XT-FO1

This product is built-in (high voltage package in the handle) electrostatic flocking machine, using switching power supply (AC90-260V). The operation is simple, the use is light, and the color change is convenient.
This machine is widely used in various materials, such as board, board, metal, glass, ceramics, foam, rubber, plastic products, plastic absorbent board, textiles and other flat groove shallow workpiece.
This machine only for flock on complanate workpieces.

Main parameters:

Output high voltage: 0~100kV

Output current: 80uA

Flocking area: no limit

Villi length: ≤ 3mm

Velvet box capacity: 1050ml

Description of application effect

Open the pile box cover and add 1/3 fluff to cover it. Plug the flocking wire into the power outlet. Apply glue to the workpiece, hold the flocking handle, let the pile storage box 200mm on the workpiece, turn on the switch on the flocking handle, and the fluff in the pile storage box flies to the workpiece in an instant. After the workpiece is all covered with fluff, turn off the handle switch and gently shake off (or blow off with an air gun) floating velvet.
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