CNG Compressor Skid - 250 SCFM 125HP, with Matching Controls, Starter Panel, and Dryer

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You are looking at a 2009, well-maintained and properly serviced Greenfield CNG / RNG compression skid with less than 1500 working hours on it.

The compressor capacity is 250 SCFM at 100 PSI inlet pressure. It can take pressure range 80-115 psi and design to deliver 4500 psi outlet at 1230 RPM.

It comes with a 460 V 156A 125 HP electric motor (1800 RPM, 3 PH 60HZ).

This fully integrated compression skid comes with an automatic inlet shutoff valve.

  • ESD (emergency shutdown) located on control panel mounted on compressor.
  • Manual inlet valve located approximately 93 feet from the corner of the motor control center.


  • Greenfield; Atlas Copco; Prattlen Schweiz
  • Electric Drive Motor: 125 HP Electric Drive Motor: 460V, 156A, RPM: 1230
  • Capacity: 250 SCFM at 100 PSI Suction Pressure

Station Controls:

  • Greenfield Compression Controls programmable is included in the deal.

Value Add: We have all of the equipment manuals, schematics, drawings for both compressor and control panel, and previous service records showing many years of timely service and clean bill of health prior to decommissioning.

Condition: The skid will come fully refurbished, cleaned, and repainted to its original condition. It will come with new belts, oil, and air filters. It will look and perform like new. The refurbishment cost is included in the advertised sale price of the unit.

The engine turns and the control panel powers up. A full functionality testing can be arranged through a local 3rd party (includes complete electrical panel inspection and components upgrade if necessary, connecting compressor skid with control panel, and running the entire setup to verify operational functionality). The additional cost of this testing will vary based on the extent of the testing required and can range between $10k to $25k (including shipping and crane services). We believe that with less than 1,500 hours on the unit and a clear reference point of full functionality upon decommissioning, this money is better spent on commissioning of the unit, but we are willing to support any activities to ensure confidence and peace of mind for the purchaser.


  • 1 – Gas Dryer: Pneumatic Products Corp., Model #FA-40 single tower, equipped with pre- and post-filters, non-regeneration. (Extra $10,000) The unit was tailored for the compressor and addresses the required flow rate.
  • 2 – Greenfield Dispenser: 2-sided 3600 psi. Alarms (Extra $2,000)
  • Emergency shutdown and trouble code alarm go to AVSG/CUC via Sensophone dial-up.

With the first major rehaul at 20,000 and life expectancy of over 80,000 hours, this compressor can be confidently deployed into your CNG / RNG project and deliver exceptional IRR value.

Please reach out with any questions you may have.

Additional Information:

  • Condition: Used
  • Year: 2009
  • Serial Number: NGV0357
  • Stock Number: 0019-CCH-Wax
  • Inlet Pressure: 80-115 PSI
  • Discharge Pressure: Up to 4500 PSI
  • Operating Speed: 1800 rpm
  • Flow Rate: 250 SCFM
  • Category: Electrical & Electronic Components in USA
  • Subcategory: CNG
  • Subcategory 2: Compressor
  • Listing ID: 93341948

Price: $175,000 USD | Get Financing – Est. $4,507/mo

  • Listing ID: 8258
  • New/Used: Used
  • Make: Greenfield
  • Model: C3U209GP
  • Year: 2009
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